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createSimpleObject shows user action
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EDIT: Please delete this. It was an invisible object attached to the weapon. It works as intended.

If you place a weapon model via createSimpleObject, Arma will show the "inventory" user action on them. When you open the inventory then, it will show an empty container.

Currently, there is no way to place a weapon or item without the player being able to pick it up. There is no way to "lock" weapon holders or disable their inventory, so I have tried using simple objects for the weapons. After some stressful time to position them properly, as they are a sub-model within the weapon holder proxy object, I have noticed that Arma shows a user action on them.

Expected behavior is that Arma does not show a user action.

Version is APEX Sneak Peak / 1.62 RC


No Bug
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Windows 10 x64
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