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Enter / Change Position Menu for Vehicles
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Now with all the new and updated Vehicles with dozends of Gunner and FFV positions... can we PLEASE get a proper "Enter Vehicle" menu-dialog?

It's getting ridiculous when opening the "action menu" and seeing all the positions, trying to scroll through them in order to find where you want to sit. Scrolling and reading through 6+ "Passenger (Whatever)" to find the one you want/need to be in is frankly infuriating when there is a hectic situation. Also, when you are in the vehicle and need to perform an action (e.g. change magazine of a vehicleweapon or whatever), having all these position options is equally annoying

Please give us a simple menu that pops up whenever you want to enter/ change position. In the Menu you should see a top-down picture of the vehicle (simplified 2D Image, similar to this or this ), with the positions and their status. It should clearly show where you can enter from your current position and with a click on the position - enter exactly there. There should also be a large button above or below "enter anywhere". Also let us use this dialog to change vehicle positions comfortably, and get rid of all the seperate actions in the action menu.

Many other games had such dialogs for years, at the very least as status display (as it doesn't matter where you enter in other games, you can change to any position from wherever you want).


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