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MML rear ramp cannot be retracted
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MML rear ramp cannot be retracted, the retract and stop button don't work, at least in the tutorial.


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Windows 7

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jazhull added a subscriber: jazhull.EditedJul 4 2016, 6:00 PM

I have the same problem with any of the MML rear ramp, the retract and stop button are disable,(and the angle of the ramp stay at 0 deg) but when I save the game, when the ramp is open it, the extend and stop button are disable (angle is at 100 deg) and retract is now enable.

PS. the airlock door panel is also not updating in the MML when the door is open (until I save)

on side note: vehicles in the start of the scenarios are the older version (like the MML with two screen for the crane operator or the truck with no fuel tank position on the side)

also the Doors inside the MML...

The Doors are working, but the Displays says all time, the Doors are closed!

When we get a Fix for that?

If in Dev mode, reset scripts will update the MML displays.