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Tents bugged possibly after a server restart
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I had a military tent hidden very well with guns and ammo stocked in it. The next day I came back and the tent was repositioned slightly and nothing was in the tent. As well as you cannot pack up the tent anymore. I am aware the tent could've been raided by another player, BUT on both occasions I haven't been able to pack the tent up and the tent is moved or rotated from where I placed it. I have encountered this once before around 2 days ago on the same server.

Server Name : [=UN=] DayZ Private Hive #2 - RP Encouraged
Server IP :

This specific server as well does not have working status indicators. The admins of the server are aware of it but say they can't fix it on their end. However, Their other 1st server on their private hive branch, those status indicators are working.

The working status indicator server : [=UN=] DayZ Private Hive #2 - RP Encouraged


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place tent down and put things inside. Wait for server restart. Should not be able to pack tent and things will be missing.

Additional Information

Vehicle persistance still isn't working either.

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garr3tt created this task.Jun 26 2016, 4:02 PM
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We keep our server off when we aren't around. After coming back today at 3pm est to switch it off from the restart everything was fine but when I came back later all our tents were gone completely. A weeks worth of loot just gone from several players and it seems like it was server wide.