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Characters Overheating
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Seems our servers are having this character overheating issue across our hive of 5 servers. We're with Gaming Deluxe.


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Windows 7
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Windows 10
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Server configuration

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We are getting various complaints in AU, US and EU about overheating issues. Characters are warming up extremely quick and then dying of hyperthermia. They also understand that this is a feature but it is to an extreme, it doesn't happen gradually and it's with just about any kind of clothing.

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This is still a problem on our servers. I have contacted Gaming Deluxe as well and they say there's no problem with configs but obviously there is.

As soon as people put clothes on their characters they start to overheat and go into hyperthermia as well. We understand it's a feature but at the moment, for some it seems the time from warning to going hyperthermic is extremely quick.

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I tested this myself today on AU and it is indeed a problem. I was intermittently running/jogging/stopping and started receiving the "You are rapidly warming up" message over and over. I eventually stopped for a few minutes then started to receive "You are overheating".
I was only wearing a green raincoat, jeans, workboots, cowboy hat, taloon backpack. After the start of the "You are overheating" messages I took the raincoat off but I still received the messages.
I found a pond to sit in with clothes off and it took at least 5 minutes to eventually start cooling down. This is a problem.

I wasn't running full tilt from one place to another and I've also discussed this with Gaming Deluxe; who have looked at our configs; and they say nothing is wrong.
I have video of the whole thing happening and am getting it together. Will post link once it's ready.

To add to this, not sure if its a seperate or same issue, as its hard to pinpoint --

On the same server, I've had a mate on two separate occasions log in with his ghillie suit on (after running around for a bit), have the "My face is melting!" and "I'm burning" messages, as if he was standing in a fireplace, but he wasn't. On the two occasions, he died once and the other time was able to survive I believe after being given ample saline and sitting in a river. This is an unusual bug, and makes me think that the coding for fireplaces is archaic, in the sense it puts you at a high temperature, lets say 100 degrees, and so if you run around enough in a ghillie suit, you may be able to reach this temperatures, however it only happened after he logged in, so it could also be linked to some other bug.

Talked to a few people on our US server at and apparently some people are having this overheating/hyperthermia issue, whereas some are not having the issue. It's beginning to NOT look like a server config issue or it would be across the board with all characters on the same server not some and others not.