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Character Wiped with all gear
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I´ve logged of at 14:56 CET and logged back on at 17:01 CET and spawned where i logged of with completly no gear but only secondary AKM without any attachments on it. When i logged off i had an M4 with all adds and an M4 coupled mag on my back and an AKM with all adds and PSO1 in my hand.
I dont even know if i can safely log out with anything anymore after i´ve lost my character with all my stuff on. Is there any way to get that back or .... ?

This is really upsetting me.


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RedEye3 created this task.Jun 19 2016, 5:20 PM

is there anyway you can set that character back to it was at 14:56 CET ?

And will that cause me losing my new gear again ?

Elou44 added a subscriber: Elou44.EditedJun 19 2016, 7:41 PM

I can confirm this issue. After two days not playing DayZ, I logged back in and I was naked with my M4 in my hands. That bug was already a thing in the experimental version thought.

@RedEye3 : You should never get attached to your character. DayZ is an hardcore survival game in ALPHA and thus, you will die/loose your character very frequently. Unfortunately what happend to you, happend to me and to thousands of players. DayZ devs can't/won't do anything about that so we have to deal with it... :)