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Option to completely ignore ALL error messages (Feature Request)
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NoLogs was a nice change sometime before, but an option to hide all error messages would be really useful.
We need those errors pop-ups only when testing or developing mods, they're useless in miltiplayer when the game doesn't actually stop when these errors are shown which can lead to some forms of immersion break when you're engaging some units, possibly players and everyone on the server has an error pop-up.
Example video of a multiplayer game where this occurs at a most intense moment provided by our community member.
Yes, in this case error is caused by some mod, but that doesn't mean that vanilla doesn't have those, they are not in any way game breaking, I just don't see any use for them in multiplayer game or for people that are not into mod development.
Middle ground here can be an option to print errors in chat or in the black box for script errors without blocking the UI.


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