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0.60 Vehicles not persistent even when server persistance is on.
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As the title says, theres currently a big issue where vehicles would not stay on the server after restart, even when persistance is on. Tents are working but not cars they disappear. Usually after restart. Around 10 hours they reset. Issue is mostly present at private servers


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Crashes and resetting private servers most likely.

Additional Information

Please make a fast hotfix for this.

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All sorts of vehicules does depop between 1h30 and 10h max. Please fix it (96 hours mini)

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That's true and really annoying... A fix was released last wednesday and it doesn't work... Please Bohemia, do something

I've seen a lot of people reporting this bug but nothing is done. It's just like the player list which they willingly removed. Duh . I dont understand WTF dayz developpers are doing and I'm afraid they don't either.
By the way, it's useless to report bugs because there has been no activity from the developpers since last wednesday.
And I read a comment from a guy saying they were taking a break for sometime. Not sure though