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AI Vehicles do not move when the team leader is driving a wheeled vehicle
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When a team leader is in the driver seat of a wheeled vehicle (car or tank), he will not move even if he has a waypoint. He will wiggle the steering wheel a bit and start the engine but the car will not move. Switching the team leader to a different seat (gunner) works, but as soon as the team leader is the driver, he will not budge.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Place an observer unit on the map, then place an empty car.
Make a team of two soldiers.

  1. Put team leader on gunner seat, subordinate on driver, and give team a waypoint -> works
  2. Put team leader on driver seast, subordinate anywhere. Give a waypoint -> Car will not move
Additional Information

This is clearly related to the new driving AI, since it does not happen when you replace the car (or wheeled APC) with a tracked APC or tank.

Event Timeline

Extra info: It apparently works with the Prowler and the MB 4WD, but not e.g. with the armed offroad or the Marshall APC.