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Falcon UAV will not autonomously engage enemies
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The Falcon will not engage enemy units with its missiles, neither the DAR rockets nor the SKALPEL ATGMs.

It will fly around just fine, but will not fire at enemies autonomously.

Furthermore, the DAR rockets are a poor choice for the Falcon. They are launched by the gunner view, which gives the user almost NO indication of where the nose of the aircraft is pointed and therefore where the rockets will hit. Using scripts to move this weapon to the pilot view of the UAV, things are not much better, as there is no reticule except in third person view and the newly implemented CCIP is not present.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a UAV operator as the player.
  1. Place a Falcon.
  1. Place some enemy trucks, tanks, and soldiers.
  1. Start the game, connect to the UAV, and give it a Search and Destroy waypoint near the enemies. The UAV will fly to the enemies, move around a bit, and then hover in place while it gets shot at.
Additional Information


Replace the DAR rockets with DAGR rockets, as these can be used effectively from a gunner seat in a UAV. DAR rockets cannot, even when flying in the pilot seat of the UAV and "manual firing" the weapons.

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