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V-44 Gunship gunners overhaul
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It's quite a challenge currently to score a precise hit using the weapons from the V-44, here's a few suggestions that should help :

  • Move the 40mm cannon to the left gunner (this will allow the left one to focus on operating weapons and the right one to spot and communicate with ground. Also it will fix the cannon-cross issue these two could have if aiming at the opposite sides)
  • Add a laser designator to either or both gunners and allow the weapons to lock on it, using ballisticsComputer = 1; (this will allow to lay precise fire exactly where aiming, avoiding the need for distance and lateral movement compensation)
  • Allow turrets to lock on ground/geolock (if the aircraft is circling around, the gunners have to compensate for its movement as the turrets are unstabilized, which can seem okay for a few minutes, but quickly becomes annoying and prevents precise targeting)

It's mostly config work, should be quick enough to do, and will provide a great asset for players in need of a ground support while allowing the crew to have fun... (well except from the pilots who just circle around for hours.. good thing the AI knows how to loiter now)


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KiTooN created this task.Jun 16 2016, 8:08 PM