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V-44 X Blackfish Camera Pod
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There seems to be an issue with the Armed version of the V-44s weapon camera pod, currently there are two gunners for the 3 weapons systems. Left Gunner controls the Gatling 20mm and 105mm Cannon whilst the Right Gunner controls the 40mm Cannon.

The Right Gunner doesn't uses a camera pod and neither does the Left Gunner. Right now the Left Gunners camera is affixed just above the 105mm whilst the Right Gunners camera is affixed just above the 40mm Cannon.

There is a Weapon Camera pod next to all 3 weapons that is currently unused, it would probably be best to add a use for that. A work around for this would be to do the following:

Give one gunner the ability to control all 3 weapon systems and set the weapon camera pod to the weapon operator and for the second gunner perhaps add the ability for them to spot targets with the FLIR Pod that is mounted at the nose of the aircraft as it is also currently unused which ties into the second part of this.

There is a FLIR pod on all 3 versions of the V-44 which would be extremely handy to use, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by all if a use was added to that as it could greatly help with scouting landing zones etc.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Ultimate
Steps To Reproduce
  • Enter V-44 as Gunner (Any)
  • Go into Camera view
Additional Information

Date Tested - 15/06/2016



10:04PM 15/06/2016
Reason: Added a two reference screenshots

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+1 on this, cool idea!