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Helicopters/Planes Engine Shut Off Sound Bug
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I've noted this issue a little while ago, thinking it would be fixed but i decided to post it here at least.

So the problem is, with almost all aerian vehicles, when I cut down the engine, the sound of it shutting off is not constant.
Instead of ( like when we start the engine ) having a gradual shutting off sound, it does it by step.
The sound is not going from a high volume to a low volume gradually but instead is going like very high - high - medium - low...
It's very straightforward to the ear when you hear it, I find it a bit unpleasant and wondered if somewhat it could be fixed.

I don't have a video comparaison but like I said it's very straightforward, just compare the sound of the starting and the shutting engine.
It's better if you are in 3rd Person while checking for the issue, it's audible too in 1st person for some vehicles.

The vehicles with the most audible sound issue are the Wipeout and the Buzzard for aircrafts, and the Blackfoot or Orca for the helis.

Here the vehcile list on which I constated the issue :

A-164 Wipeout
A-143 Buzzard
CH-49 Mohawk
To-199 Neophron
AH-99 Blackfoot
Mi-48 Kajman
PO-30 Orca
WY-55 HellCat
UH-80 GhostHawk
All Little Bird variants

Edit : I just checked some random lets play videos from 2016 and I confirmed that they also have this issue, so at least I know i'm not the only one.
I recommand checking by yourself but just in case i managed to make recordings both with the bug and without.
Sometimes very rarely the bug does not appear so that's why I had the chance to record the difference.

Wipeout Engine Bug :
Wipeout Engine Ok :

On this video (sorry it was hard to find one i just searched randomly) at 2:22 if you listen to the Orca engine cutting down you can clearly hear the same bug that happens with my wipeout engine, instead of shutting down smoothly, it does that weird step by step volume switch thing.

Video :

Well that's all, thanks in advance !

  • Apex looks really awesome ! -


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go in 3D editor or virtual arsenal/garage.

Spawn one of the listed vehicles, for example the NATO Wipeout or Orca Helicopter.

Get in third person, turn on the engine, wait 10 seconds for it to be completely started.

Shut it off and listen to the sound decreasing step by step instead of gradually.

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