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Game changes output monitor after alt+tab
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Today I was playing DayZ and went to tab out of the game, when i tabbed back in the game switched monitors.
I was playing dayZ in fullscreen mode at 1920x1080x32 on my main monitor (display1 Generic pnpmonitor) and everything was fine.
I tabbed out using the Alt+Tab Buttons, opened my Nvidia control panel and turned my gamma up just a bit. Then I clicked on the dayZ icon on my taskbar to tab back into the game when the game opened up again from the backround it was in a window. (but on the correct main monitor) Pressing Alt+Enter put the game into fullscreen like it was before I tabbed out, but this time on my 2nd monitor (display2 acer h233h)
I wasn't able to get the game back into fullscreen on the correct monitor so I stopped playing as it was no longer enjoyable.
(restarting the game is not a viable solution for this problem, every other game in the world works just fine knowing what monitor to output to....)
Restarting the game I still have the same issue, Dayz is super confused about which monitor to fullscreen into.....................................


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
check my dxdiag I'm not sending it over as a joke I sincerely hope you read it.....................
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Tab out
Tab in
I get rickrolled and can't play DayZ without unplugging my 2nd monitor.

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duboges created this task.Jun 5 2016, 6:53 PM

I have an issue I am pretty sure runs along the same lines of yours (though I could be very mistaken).

I play on a 32" Samsung, and most of the time when I log in to the experimental, It loads an improper screen resolution. I can either relog the server or alt tab, and it usually seems to fix the issue. Its like its having a problem reading the monitor correctly at first.

Strange my monitor thats acting funny is also a Samsung 32"

It has been 6 days since this post yet it is still not assigned to anybody.
Dear Dayz devs, did I waste my time by submitting a bug report? Should I just be like the average Twitch streamer and just complain about the game and never open tickets?
What is really going on?