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DayZ 0.60 Exp Monitor(s) Issue
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The issue I've had with patch 0.60 since the first release is the issue where If I tab the game while playing on my main monitor (the middle one) and then tab back in, DayZ will place itself on the left monitor (I have 3) and I can not make DayZ run fullscreen on my main as the game chooses the left monitor every time, a restart helps to get DayZ to launch on the main again but as soon as I tab, the game goes over to the left monitor and stays there. And while DayZ is launched on the main monitor my left goes black as if DayZ tried to use that monitor or as if it is reserved somehow for usage which for me is strange.

I've tried choosing the right monitor as the main to see of the game just pushes itself to the left because of the main one but DayZ still goes over the my left and not my middle (if the right one is selected as the main).


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 8.1 Pro
Game Startup
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch DayZ
  2. Tab out of DayZ
  3. Go back in and DayZ will place itself on the left monitor leaving you with no other option than you restart the game to launch on the main again to run in fullscreen.

Note: While the game is launched, the left monitor is black as if DayZ will go over to that monitor or as if DayZ wants to expand to the left one.

Additional Information

Windows Updates & Latest AMD Graphics drivers are installed for clarifications.

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my pers. temp. fix is..

  1. start dayz in fullscreen mode
  2. then switch 2 window mode
  3. close dayz and start it again
  4. switch now to fullscreen mode again
  5. try to tab out