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Gun Glitch
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My friend found a blaze in a house and put it in his hands since he had a gun on his back as well. He continued to loot the city. I went into the house he looted later and saw the blaze he took on the ground still accessible. I tried to put the gun into my hands....after dragging the blaze into my hands slot on the inventory, the gun disappeared off the ground. BUT ... It didn't go into my hands. My friend then said his gun disappeared from his hands. I then realized I must've taken the gun from him through some sort of glitch. But the only problem was that the gun wasn't visible in my hands. However, I couldn't put anything in my hands, so I guess the game thought I had something in my hands when I couldn't visually see a gun being held in my hands. So in an attempt to be able to use and see the gun again, I tried throwing the "ghost" gun out of my hands by pressing "G". My character then threw the invisible blaze out of his hands and then was fully gone. This I have seen happen multiple times in various ways. Like guns being un-accessible due to other people already have had picked them up. This seems like a major glitch. I'm very sorry I can't provide exact steps. But I hope this helped out slightly. I'm really trying to keep posting bug reports. Hope I help


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I noticed it today by myself/friends.. #confirmed
(w/ foreign backpack/weapon)