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Underwater Combat - combat issues
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There are two main issues under this category:

  1. The enemy AI assault divers appear to be able to throw grenades at you under water, as once engaged, grenade type explosions impact around you and kill you.
  2. You should be able to throw grenades, lights and smoke grenades and place explosives while underwater. This means you can signal a helicopter to attack a position or pick you up, or use a different form of offense against the enemy.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

For problem 1:

  1. Place a CSAT special forces diver team underwater.
  2. Place a NATO diver underwater at a distance of around 30 meters away.
  3. Engage the CSAT divers.
  4. Observe the grenade type explosions around you after engagement that kill you (they only kill if you are at bottom of ocean though, if you are near the top, they still occur, they just do not kill you).

For problem 2:

  1. Place a diver
  2. Try to throw a throw-able object or place an explosive (diver explosive specialist).
  3. Observe there is no way to do so for either placing or throwing.
Additional Information

Please do not ask for videos. I live in a rural area with limited data and terrible download/upload speed. I can only do my best to describe.

Note to Arma 3 Officials: If you regard the second problem as a feature request rather than a tweak, please inform me and I will create a separate task. If you are happy to take on both problems, please notify me when you assign this task.

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thank you for the feedback, we will look into that.