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Eden Editor Interface Size
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I read in the spotrep that you guys tweaked the eden editor interface to scale with the setting for it in the video options. This is good, but the interface on normal size mode on a 2048x1152 monitor is now far far to big. The interface now takes up half of the screen making it both unappealing, and hard to actually see what you are working on. The size it was before this update was perfect, not to small to where you couldn't see it, but still small enough to be out of the way allowing you to focus on what you are actually working on. So if you guys could scale the normal size mode down, or add an option to revert the eden interface exclusively to the old system.

Thank you,


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Open eden editor with the gui interface size set to normal in the video settings page.

Additional Information

It might be an issue regarding my kind of odd ball monitor resolution. And if so then if you could fix it for this resolution monitor (2048x1152), because while not very common, it does still exist and it makes it nearly impossible to use the eden editor, which I love, without turning down my gui size, therefore making everything else look tiny.

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