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Edited Eden Loadout Overwritten on Respawn
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When creating a mission with respawn, loadouts configured in the eden editor, using the virtual arsenal, are overwritten at respawn by the original loadout that has been modified. This is very counter intuitive, as one expects to see the loadout that has been configured in the eden editor after respawning, especially if there are no respawn templates configured. E.g. when placing a marksman unit, because most of its equipment is configured, but changing the uniform to a ghillie suite. Upon respawn it only show the marksmen unit with its preconfigured equipment and WITHOUT the ghillie.
Additionally in missions with "respawn on start" enabled the loadout is never loaded correctly. This problem only occurs in multiplayer and the unit has the correct loadout in singleplayer.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • place respawn position module with:
    • Type Infantry
    • Side BLUFOR
    • Show to Everyone
    • Notification enabled
  • Place BLUFOR unit
  • right click on unit -> edit Loadout -> change some stuff
  • go to Attributes -> Edit Multiplayer set:
    • Respawn: Respawn on Custom Position
    • Ruleset: tick: select respawn position, show respawn counter
    • Respawn Delay: 5 sec
    • Allow manual respawn YES

Start in Multiplayer mode and respawn manually

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