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steam achievement Power Plant again
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Since more than three months since I made ​​a complaint. But so far I have not received any reply useful or coherent. The achievement of Steam Power Plant on Mars Take me depues lock and uninstall everything (game and steam) and reinstall and the problem still persists. Now do I complete the game several times and this achievement which should be completed several times since installation and I have spent 436 hours accumulated.

Please answer me.


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Dram added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 2:00 PM

Hi, sorry but I'm not sure I completely understand the problem. Is it that the power plant achievement does not work? Or that it is set at too high a value to achieve? If the latter, then that is because it will be possible to complete in the manned section, where you generate much more power.

<COARSE LANGUAGE>. four months later you come to me with this? "Steam" has me lock the account because they claimed. and four months later you come to me with this? And achievement stoped in 1,048,576 / 1,000,000,000 and dont move from 1,048,576.

EDITED: Removed coarse language

Dram added a comment.Jul 13 2014, 4:16 PM

Firstly, refrain from swearing or you will be banned. Secondly, an issue with steam has nothing to do with Take On Mars. I will restate that the game is still in early access at this point and that there are many issues that will eventually be fixed. We are a small team, so issues take time to solve.

Closing the issue as evidently there is no issue on our end.