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Rover configuration not reported correctly after launch
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[EA - 0.8.0254 (normal)] A very little bug, not very annoying : I wanted to test the effect of high capacity batteries on a small rover, to see how TKOM manage the power drain. So I put 2 high capacity batteries in a small rover beside only one low capacity battery (cf. screenshot 1). As long the vehicle isn't launched, the configuration is correctly reported (cf. screenshot 2). But once launched and landed, I remark that the vehicle statistics show there isn't high capacity batteries (cf. screenshot 3 : three low capacity batteries indicated), whereas the power charge/drain rate indicates me that high capacity batteries are presents because of the 45Wh charge (cf. screenshot 4) instead of "normal" 14.9 Wh charge (cf. screenshot 5)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put high capacity batteries in a small rover
  2. check configuration before launch
  3. launch the rover
  4. check configuration once rover has landed

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