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presence of addon's items in tech-tree
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Can the items of an addon disapear when the addon is desactivated ? For example : the "addon example" puts "buggies" with "buggy" "buggy racer" and "turrets" with "machine gun" and "heavy caliber" in the tech-tree item list; I find disturbing/annoying to still have those items in the tech-tree list when I disable the addon.


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vote down : Explain your point of view, please.

My logic is :

  1. addon loaded, enabled and active => items of the addon appear in tech-tree
  2. addon loaded, enabled and inactive => items still appear in tech-tree
  3. addon loaded and disable => item of the addon disappear from tech-tree

What wrong with this logic according your point of view ?
For the moment, the only solution to do the 3rd point is to delete the addon, I do not find this very handy.