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Weather damage seems a tad overzealous.
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Kaiser Crater, for the past in-game year, has had a consistent, low-intensity dust storm. I figured, at first, it was just simply a visual effect after wondering if it might've been bugged and restarted the game to see if it was. I've mostly spent my time at the asteroid, Deimos, and Lyot, but then I decided I'd land a big rover there and run the missions in some sort of interplanetary traveling salesman problem.

Except no more than five minutes into drive, my rear hazcams and backup mast already have cracks in the optics. Apparently, the low-intensity dust storm must've damaged them, somehow. The driving is smooth, I've avoided hard edges and vertices, and yet I haven't even got to the second mission some 400m away without things starting to break.


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Drive a large rover in Kaiser and watch your rover disintegrate.

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a misadjustment of a functional weather system, but it seems like Kaiser always has at least a mild dust storm going on that wrecks everything to the point where I'm changing my rovers every hour or two hundred meters, whichever comes first.

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I also think, that storms are too heavy.

I tried to hide my rover behind rocks, under overhanging rocks, nothing helped to prevent damage. It looked like the storm was blowing through the solid rocks, because the first things that broke, was the left middle wheel at my small rover, even it was near the rocky wall and there was no direct exposition to dust, sand and so on.

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If there's no way to shield yourself from this storm damage I don't really see what it would add to the gameplay regardless of how realistic it is, other than a major annoyance and frustration.

Especially when you don't seem to get any weather forecasts until you have launched your vehicle...

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Maybe a lens cap that can be lowered at the cost of being basically blinded out of that camera? A thought.

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Helps only to the camera lenses, the winds actually break parts off of the rover.

I've lost several parts due to storms, including a robotic arm on a large rover(could only do photo, eas and rad after that).

The wind damage is really extreme considering that the density of mars atmosphere at sea level is .5% that of earth, or like being at about 70km altitude.  Both Spirit and Opportunity went through dust storms exceeding 80km/h with no damage except lower power output from the solar cells due to dust settling on them.