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Severe weather warnings queue
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When in real-time mode, when you login after being offline for a while you have to click through a number of consecutive weather warnings before you can procede with the game. For example, I just logged in this morning and had to click through 7 weather warnings before I could do anything else.

Would it be possible to just see the latest warning or if the storm has already passed, none at all?


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Dram added a comment.Oct 2 2013, 5:14 PM

Yeah, annoying, fixed. Available in today's upcoming build

The multiple messages look to have been fixed, Dram but there is now another small prob. If you get a weather warning message while on the surface, the 'Close' button is unclickable. You have to hit 'F1' and go back to the space center where the button then becomes clickable and you can close it.

Sorry for piling on guys but I just noticed that the original problem of repeated messages isn't solved at the control centre. I just had to close about 15 messages in there. :(