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Mission Counters
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Well I have already completed game but I am reporting that the mission counters that show on map for each area did not work for me correctly. It seems that the counter only incremented when I landed a NEW vehicle at that mission location - if I used a vehicle that was already landed to do a mission then the counter would not increment. I am talking about MAIN missions - the solid circle missions. I played through the game already but that was before I joined the development update to get dev updates. I started a new game after that but the same thing seems to happen - mission counter would only increment for me if I landed a NEW vehicle for each main mission. Since I completed Gale crater with only 3 rovers my mission counter shows only 3 missions complete even though I completed the entire Gale crater area. My totals for the game are thus:
Victorias Crater 10/35 complete
Kaiser Crater 5/30 complete
Gale Crater 3/31 complete

I am pretty sure there are more main missions in each area that I got credit for as I have done them all.


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Use landed vehicles to complete main missions instead of launching a new one.

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Sorry if this as been reported before.

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