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Panel charge not dependent on incident light angle
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At the moment, time of day is the only apparent determining factor for solar panel charge. I should be rewarded for considering incident angle on the panels when I am charging or roving, to pick better strategies for energy management.

When roving into a crater with the sun behind the rover:

  • Base charge is e.g. 6W
  • On entering the crater, rover nose dips down, and sunlight is more oblique, so charge should decrease, e.g. 4W
  • Driving up the far side of the crater the sun approaches the panel's normal, so charge should increase e.g. 10W


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All driving at a particular time of day generates the same charge, even when panels are pointed further than 90 degrees from sun (steeply driving down can place sun under panels).

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Dram added a comment.Sep 4 2013, 6:32 AM

Yes, this is planned

Dram added a comment.Oct 11 2013, 12:28 PM

Fixed, now it is taken into account. Available in today's upcoming build