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Mission 5540 - Victoria Crater - Athmospheric EAS
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Not bug per say, but some adjustments would help...
Athmospheric EAS:

  • Analysis bounding box too small.
  • Assigned Large Rover cannot move it's EAS instrument inside the designed area. The only (weird) way to perfom the analysis is by means of turning the rover upside down in order to bring the instrument inside. Results in a successful analysis at the price of a lost Rover.

Yet, I nailed it with a small rover to the rescue but I had to assign the mission from a previous save. I would have liked to have the option to reassign it back to the large one after this house call.


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See attached pictures.

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Hi, I tweaked the area of analyze so it can be done with medium or large rover now.

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Well, thanks as this was only I who made that an issue ;).

In fact, my plan was not adequate with the tech-level for which this mission was meant. I realized that after I had some doubts whether I should have come back to this lower-level grounds with a large rover or not.

But then, it will be less frustrating for the next one with that kind of fancy idea... Thanks!

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