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Zooming buttons appear on unzoomable cameras
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While using T9 Large Rover (stock) "+" and "-" buttons still remain clickable, but, of course, have no effect.


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Steps To Reproduce

1)Switch to zoomable camera (ZOOM or CHEM)
2)Switch back to unzoomable cam (like WIDE)

Additional Information

Attached is the screenshot of the bug

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This is no bug. You want them to remove the buttons or what? What's your problem? Don't click the buttons if they confuse you. Problem solved.

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r00f added a comment.Aug 28 2013, 8:27 PM

No, what I meant was that when you first use non-zoomable cameras, there are no buttons, but they remain after switching from zoomable ones. And yes, it confused me a couple of times. Of course, it's not game-breaking bug to any degree, so I set the severity to "trivial". I would suggest making those buttons grayed out at all times, so, when you just started playing, you would get an idea that there are zoomable imagers that will be available later in the game.

Dram added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 8:25 PM

Fixed, found the bug, easy fix. It will be in the next development build