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suggested features regarding damaged rover wheels
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I'm not sure how much extra this would involve, but here are some ideas on what to do about stuck rover wheels:

  1. model different styles of breakdown:
    • electrical (wiring or motor malfunction)
    • FOD (gravel or sand buildup in gearing/motor)
    • Trip hazards (frozen/jammed en route in space or under re entry stresses)
  1. enable ways to clear/mitigate damage
    • Electrical problems- option to "freewheel" that particular wheel (would impact climbing ability, but not straight line travel/turning)
    • FOD may be cleared by working motor back and forth, on clear rock surface
    • Frozen drives may be eventually warmed up/cleared after continual useage
    • jammed gears may be cleared by impact on rocky surface

Some failures are unrepairable, of course


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Those are good suggestions. Definitely taken into consideration, hopefully to be implemented soon.