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Vehicle Status: ERROR
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Two of my rovers are currently showing ERROR as the status in the map screen, even though both are totaly fine, all instruments are listed as OK in the Vehicle Details, and they work fine in-game (yes, even the wheels!).

I'm not sure how to reproduce this, since it appears to be random. I'll try to upload my save file. Please let me know if more files are needed to load it.

The affected rovers so far are:
Name: Sunrise, Medium Rover landed at Victoria Crater
Name: Vision, Medium Rover landed at Gale Crater

Also, this was not caused by the latest update (0.8.0174), since this started happening a couple of days ago.


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Yeah I have this on my T10 Medium Rover DRT on Kaisser Crater. It has developed a left front wheel problem now (as seems to every single rover I launch, always the same wheel which seems odd but.....) but the error was showing way before that materialized for no apparent reason.

Dram added a comment.Sep 25 2013, 10:18 PM

The old part failure system has been removed, so this will not re-occur. Additionally the airbag system was tweaked a little, and is a little more bouncy :)