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Construction/Lab not working
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When i try to create/modify vehicle, 3d part of construction lab does not load/work. I can see the menus, part list and stuff, but cant see 3d. Sometimes it freezes on exit door from big room, or just freezes in lab.


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Start/resume scenario, go to lab, construction, load/new vehicle.

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I looked around for same problem and didn't find it.

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New info.

I upgraded to dev version, same problem.

After that i tried changing resolutions. I'm running in windowed mode with 0.8 3d scale.. Tried fullhd full screen and others, played with resoulotion scale, and now it works for some reason on same settings as before.

Restarted the game, just to be sure, still works.

I can confirm this, happened to me several times after game exit and restart. After several tries to quit the game and start it up again, it was suddenly gone.