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Tempomat improvements
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The last update destoryed the feture tempomat.
Before this last update, I could pres the forward button on the screen and the rover automaticaly go forward and (because of the too often wheel errors) I could correct the direction with pressing the left or right arrow on the keyboard. But after the update, if I press the keyboard, the tempomat is deactivate and the rover is stop.
I'm sure, you develop this as a feature and I understand it, but we need some easy tool to correct the direction until we use automatic forward.

If you are planning to solve the "too often wheel error" problem OR add the time speed on the Mars feature, you can ignore this suggestion, because in a faster time, I can drive my rover manually. But now I read a book while my rover if go forward, but (thanks to the wheel errors) I need to correct the direction again and again.


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Dram added a comment.Sep 25 2013, 10:31 PM

Could you please retry this? This should not be a problem any more

bardosy added a subscriber: bardosy.May 9 2016, 9:52 AM

What do you mean, not a problem anymore? No often wheel errors? Or I can turn the rover while tempomat is ON?

I tried it now (my steam just updated TOM before start) and if I press the forward arrow in the HUD by mouse, it turn on the tempomat and rover will go forward automatically. But if I press any left or right arrow button on the keyboard, it turn off the tempomat and rover stops immediately.

I'm absolutely sure you want to works what work now, so it's not a bug. But a lot of update before I could turn my rover left and right with arrow buttons on the keybord while tempomat was ON and rover go forward automatically. And now it's won't work.

If no one player else want this feature back (only me), I agree with this and close this suggestion. I can live with it how it works now.

If you want, close this issue, because there are no "too often wheel errors" anymore, so I don't need to correct the rover direction while tempomat working.

Dram added a comment.Jun 19 2015, 8:46 AM

Thanks for the note Bardosy, there must have been several changes in the past which fixed it.