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autoland never finish
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the lander does not go below 10 meters, then flies to 100 meters, eventually breaks.


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This has been reported over 5 times. Use the search before you post a new issue.

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HikeR added a comment.Aug 12 2013, 8:12 AM

read "product version" before post.

  • all topics with tag "will not land" were closed with a note "Duplicate of: issue 00035".
  • issue 00035 marked as "resolved in dev build".
  • i have a dev build and issue is not resolved.

Please make sure you do have the latest version.

First of all make sure you have the development build selected
properties -> betas -> development

after that please verify the integrity of the game cache
switch to local files tab -> verify integrity of game cache

Following that please try to reproduce the issue. If the problem persists please let us know and we will investigate.

HikeR added a comment.Aug 12 2013, 6:02 PM

ok, 20 minutes ago there was another patch (last entry on August 12), I tried to repeat all of the above, but failed. lander landed safely 15 consecutive times.

however remained jets in the wrong direction (in the first video, they also present), but it's probably a different issue. and this question can likely be closed.