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Vehicle command to automatically move robotic arm to initial position
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When operating a vehicle (i.e. medium rover), one would most likely extend the robotic arm to scan target and then move back to initial position before heading toward the next spot.
I miss a function to automatically reset a robotic arm to the default/initial position.
This would mean after finishing to analyze a target you can tell your robotic arm to go back into the initial position automatically.

There could also be some kind of "lock" functionality for the robotic arm to fix it for transport. This could open the option to the game that the arm may more likely break when driving around without being properly locked for transport.


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You should reword this I took it a different way until I finished. From the summary I was thinking you wanted a cheat system to reset the vehicle to a factory quality so broken parts would be repaired. That being said you have a good idea to speed up the game play a tad by not needing to control everything to get what you want.

Kreggy added a subscriber: Kreggy.May 9 2016, 9:51 AM

Okay, reworked title and description. I hope it's clear what I want.
This is not about cheating, but to increase usability by automizing tasks.

I am aware this might be a little bit against the idea of a simulation, but after resetting my robotic arms around 30 times to the initial position I am quite annoyed of it. I feel an automatic function would be okay since I expect NASA would use similar functionality to help the operator of a rover...

Community might give votes if they like the idea or not.
So long, up to the devs if they like it :-)

Salat added a subscriber: Salat.May 9 2016, 9:51 AM

This feature is a very good idea and will be added into the radial menu. Thank you for your input.