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Kaiser Crater- Central Crater Mission APXS Not resolving
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On the central crater mission in the Kaiser Crater area, I can scan the sand with the APXS unit several times, but the mission objective for this still has not resolved itself. Multiple loads and re-landings still result in the same problem. Sometimes the APXS unit will fail a scan as though it has moved away from the sand, even though it has physically not moved. Also there are several rock formations that are unable to be photographed, per the mission objectives.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Land
  2. Probe soil with APXS

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APXS completes no problem on the current public development build. Please make sure you have the correct instrument selected and that the right instrument is touching the ground.

I can confirm the photo targets not working.

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There are two types of sand recumbent at the basin of Central crater. Most of the basin is covered by rocky sand with streaks of fine sand in between.

For completion of this APXS objective it is required to scan the rocky-sand, you can visually identify it by small rock pellets.

As for the photo targets goes, the ability to photograph certain rock formation depends on your landing location within the crater. However they are not crucial for your mission progress and wont affect your Major and Minor mission rewards.

Thanks for the help guys. Feel kinda dumb. The problem was that I wasn't paying attention to the rocky sand. Resolved.