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Lander Camera mode stuck on, camera GUI not loading
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Upon launching a new lander, the new lander camera (descent camera with black alignment squares) activates even if the lander does not have a descent camera enabled. This mode remains on, even after the craft lands on the surface. The camera GUI to the right fails to activate and none of the normal controls respond. A restart of both the current campaign and the entire game failed to result in any change in the unusable condition of the lander.


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Launching a new lander (both large and small) created the bug even if the lander had no descent camera on board

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Bug was initially noted in a in-progress campaign created before the addition of the lander camera, and persisted through a new campaign.

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Same issue here, uploaded screenshot.

Issue confirmed by internal testing.

Landing camera remains after a lander lands.

Thank you for the report.

Fixed in the latest public development build.