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major wheel error, busted wheel stuck to ground
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driving about, suffer a major wheel error and stop driving, sometimes wheel immediately becomes stuck, other times it will drag the wheel until I stop the rover. 4 out of 5 times so far the wheel that has had the major error becomes stuck to the ground and the rover will circle around that wheel, as if the damaged wheel has been glued to the ground.
"rapid change of direction" (term used very loosely) doesn't help to unstick the stuck wheel.
sticking occurs mainly on flat sandy ground - because i've been trying to avoid driving over rocks.


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Drive about until major wheel error occurs, then stop on relatively flat sand. Then drive off. Or try to.
If rover moves off position stop again a little further away, rinse and repeat.

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I have the same problem with my rovers occasionally, too.

A broken wheel can be less pain, because the rover keeps moving.
When having a major part failure with the wheel stuck it's even worse than breaking it...

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I had or still have this problem if I have the save. I will try to make a YouTube video. But in the future for these types of things a YouTube video would be best.

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munki added a comment.Aug 11 2013, 7:29 AM

1st rover mission: relaunched save game, drove rover off platform, major error wheel 5 - dragged wheel until I stopped rover to take a photo, rover stuck.
went to menu, changed physics sim to max - no effect, still stuck. changed physics to min - rover moves off dragging wheel (yay!). Drove for a while, got stuck while driving, changed physics to max (no effect) then back to min and drove off again. stopped on rock to take photo of Victorias rocky edge, tried to drive off, rover stuck. changed physics up then down, but this time no effect at either end of physics slider. Drove in a circle (wheel 5 stuck to ground, rover rotates around wheel) and fell off side of rock. broke panels and instruments off, was hoping to break wheel off. rover upside down, wheels still turning except wheel 5, but at least now I had good reason to go nowhere as I was upside down.

forgotten info from original post:
Platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Dram added a comment.Aug 12 2013, 1:15 PM

Yep that's a bug, cheers for the report. It should only drag on the floor if damaged, but not get stuck to the floor.