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Using more than 6 cameras is useless?!
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There are only 6 camera slots available in upper right HUD. Changing first person view is only possible to those cameras (using key 1-6).

A vehicle might have more than 6 cameras mounted, what is pretty useless unless a camera fails during mission.

The Medium Rover has 7 cameras mounted per default.
Per default one of the hazard avoidance cameras is not usable.
If you change the configuration of the rover in a lab, the order of cameras might change, too. I had a mission where I changed the position of the advanced tele focus camera and was not able to use it.


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Use a medium rover, try to use all 7 camers in first person mode.
Per default one of the hazard avoidance cameras is not usable.

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Confirmed by internal testing. There is no way to use more than 6 cameras even if they are equipped.

Thank you for the report.