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Problem completing mission ref. 4329 due to analyze tasks
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I had attached save file. There are 3 analyze tasks left to do, but I am unable to complete either of them.

STONE EAS ... switching to EAS and running does finishes, but task is not resolved
STONE PROBE ... there is only soil probe and that one cannot finish this task (i don't have any stone probe yet)
STONE APXS ... it's too far away from the landing site of the lander, i cannot get clone to it.

Landing procedure was without any errors and it hit the target very precisely.


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Just load the save file and try to finish these tasks.

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Should be fixed in today's update.

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Doesn't seem to be fixed, the mission is for some reason possible to be assigned to a lander and a rover, and only rover can complete it properly as the photo task can fail if the lander doesn't land precisely to a correct position and the mentioned rock analyzis etc can't be completed with a lander..

In fact, when you select the mission from the map it launches a lander.

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Mobility is set to false, while there is a distant APXS.

It should be fine now. ;-)