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Version numbers vs in-game changelog
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As there is no record in steam if the game updated, I am bit confused about what changes I have actually applied. Using in-game changelog feature I can see there are some changes from 7th August.

My game version still appears as 0.8.0172 which is version I got two days before. So how can I know what changes are already included ? Is the changelog contained in data downloaded by steam or is it from external source meaning there is no binding between version number and changelog ?

I think it would be great to have version number in changelog itself, to be sure I am in the sync and testing latest changes.


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you need to go to this on steam right click take on mars then properties->betas->development

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Of course I did that long before, otherwise I would not be able to use 0.8.0172 which is development version. But Steam seems kinda sleepy in updating or I am not sure how it works. Is there some way how to force check for updates ?

If you restart steam it forces a check. and there is a tab updates. and you can set stuff there.

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Nothing works. Restarted steam and launched TKOM and still 0.8.0172 there. Updates tab doesn't help in any way.

I would like to here a word from devs, how exactly is it setup. If all changes they do are immediately pushed to steam, or it's going in batches. And if each batch has it's version number.

Does anybody here has another version than I stated ?

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Steam only allows players to play the latest version of the game. If the game runs, it has all the available updates.

We update the Steam development version in batches, usually once a day, but that might change anytime.

Right now the version number which you see in main menu changes only when the exe file is updated. If we make fixes in the data, it doesn't reflect in the number. We are planning to modify this system so that any change in the game changes also the revision number. For now, your best guide of what is new is probably the changelog accessible from main menu.

Ok, so in-game changelog is updated in the same batch as the game data on Steam ? That's good enough for now I guess. Eventually it would be great to be able to check if Steam really updated game and changelog fits to what I can see.