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Satellite Shadows Cast onto Mars are too large
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In the main menu screen, with the rotating Mars model, the shadows cast by the satellites are vastly oversized (spanning probably 100km or so of the planet's surface). I realise that they are modelled oversized in order to make them visible, but the shadows make that a bit obvious. The shadow casting is a good idea - gives a nice sense of depth - but perhaps they could be made smaller; a few pixels - enough to be noticeable without being obviously oversized?

Very much just a personal aesthetic opinion, of course, and you may well have already tried that and decided it looks better the way it is.


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Observe main menu screen, as a satellite passes over the sunlit side of the planet.

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What about the large lines and words on mars that isn't real. How did they get there....

cky2250: Wow, that was so unnecessary... Read, think about, read again, think again, vote down, if you don't like a suggestion and leave it, if you haven't to say anything constructive.

@Loophole: I think in scale it's OK. But that isn't really something I would change now, because the game has a lot of gameplay related bugs.

Dram added a comment.Sep 4 2013, 6:36 AM

We actually tried different sizes but this was the only size that meant you could actually see them orbiting, yet did not distract your view of the globe.

I agree with the shadows but those cannot be changed, only switched off, as they are generated from the model itself.

Either way, thanks for the report!