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People in mission room and scientist in rover lab
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Just got the recent dev patch, there is no people in mission control or scientists in the rover lab from continuing my game, tested with a NEW game and people show up fine in mission control and scientists are there in rover lab.just not from a loaded game.


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Load a saved game from before most recent dev patch = no people in mission control or rover lab

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I'm guessing there is no way around this, just thought i would mention it.

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Thales added a comment.Aug 8 2013, 3:50 PM

Try to connect to any of your vehicles on Mars and then go back to control room. Staff should be there afterwards.

Tested this, connected to a vehicle, pressed escape and disconnected = still no people in mission control or science lab, also tested, by going to CTR and selecting disconnect = same result.

I discussed this issue with Dram and he asked me what was the Earth time - people in control room and rover laboratory work only for some hours a day and then go home. Therefore you're only one there. Is it working that way or people just dissapeared?