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Add option to skip long landings
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I'm currently delivering my second rover. The landing currently takes 30 minutes (and counting). The lander is lowering until 400 meters and then thrusting back up to around 450. Then lowering again and thrusting back up. It would be nice to have either a skip landing button or a speed up button.


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I think, this is more likely bug, as it should not thrust back to 450. Usual landing is quite straighforward except when some error happens. I recommend you to watch Log tab during landing.

Skipping whole landing would be nice, I have to agree on that too. However it goes with errors during landing as it was mentioned elsewhere. So with skipping it would mean even more randomized output of landing procedure or simply without any problems all the time.

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There are no errors in the error log. I can also reproduce the problem with every (I believe) T3 rover (the one with the airbags).

Please try lowering your "Physics Simulation Detail" in the game's options. This seems to be a valid workaround to the prolonged landings.