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way to manage energy.
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As raised in my post about solar panels and batteries in the take on mars suggestions forum that i recommend reading here

here are my two suggestions about power management of mainely rovers as probs don't consume that much energy.

-Making full power solar panel recharge chem batteries or alowing us to redirect the solar energy to the chem batteries foreseeing more night venturing.
-Allowing control of where the electricity come from or restrict the use of a source of energy.
those two together would make rover use only solar panel energy at day and chem batteries at night.


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Dram added a comment.Oct 11 2013, 12:31 PM

Solar panels now recharge according to incident light angle. Chemical batteries are just that - chemical and cannot be recharged. They are one use. The vehicle itself always has internal, rechargeable batteries.

Available in today's upcoming build