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major error to wheel causing drift while stationary?
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One of my rovers has suffered a MAJOR ERROR to wheel 3 (Left side Middle) but not when I stand still my rover is drifting ever so gently out of place. the drifting is mostly related to the minute sloping, and the drift is as if i am telling my rover to turn while moving forward or backwards.

its also causing hell with the mission because when I am ask to probe the soil, the slight drift causes the probe to cancel not even half way through, i've litterally have to stop the rover, see which way it is drifting and then brace one of the right wheels against a rock to stop this drift before I could do anything.

The alternative is to ever so gently control the arm and arm head to keep the probe or module on the same spot on the ground but this is very annoying to do and subideal.

Rover: Medium T7 GEN (stock, not modified in any shape or form)
Rover Malfunctions: Major Error: Wheel 3
Kaiser Crater, Mission: Ancient Floodplains.


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I would kindly ask if you could upload you savegames, then I could load it up and check what is going on.

Save game data is found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\49738971\244030\local\USERNAME

...where USERNAME is you windows login name. Before zipping and uploading, please delete a folder inside that:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\49738971\244030\local\USERNAME\savedata

(this will reduce files size significantly as photos you take are in that folder)