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Turning on lights freezes screen
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If I turn on the lights, the screen freezes but the game is still running. I can move the rover, change cameras, etc. but the main view is frozen. This is the case whether in firt person or third person views. However, the views for the cameras in the "Toggle Cameras" are still being updated.


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Turning on the lights is causing this in each session now.

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Have you set your 3D resolution scaling to more than 1? Mine will do the same thing as you describe if I turn it up. Also causes the control center perspective to be raised up in the air so you can see the hallway to the lab.

That was it. I don't recall changing that setting, but it was set to 1.5. Putting it back to 1.0 fixed the problem. Thanks!

Dram added a comment.Aug 17 2013, 7:48 PM

Great, glad the problem is solved. The 3D resolution bug is a separate issue, handled elsewhere, so closing here.