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EDIT: I could continue the campaign. Sorry for the issue, please delete this ticket.

In campaign mode I got a banch of missions and I land my rover and solve missions one by one. When all completed, I press the button: assign nearest mission. And I got new missions about a kilometer away. But the assigned mission was not the closest, so I drove my rover to the closest and solved all tasks, then I drove the nex mission, etc... Finally I solved the mission what was assigned to my rover. I got the messages when missions finished, but in the main map all solved mission still visible. And now, when I solved the all available mission on Mars I don't get more (I saw the Victoria crater summary I have a lot of missions there, but I cannot see them and I cannot launch rover.... I guess, my campaign is stucked, because the "assign nearest mission" assigned the farest.


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I just upload the save file. You can check it...

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Closing on request.