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Things to improve (needed badly)
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1- I think there should be a way to select how real you want equipment failures and errors to be. Having to reload a save game 5 or more times when you send down a new rover because there is a 80% chance that it will crash or one of the wheels have an error as soon as you roll off the ramp is not fun to me.

2- While being in the Rover you should be able to Time-Accelerate, driving 200m at such slow speeds isn't especially interesting.

Love the game, Keep up the great work!!!


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Why would you buy the game if you want to play like you have just described. Buy a different game if you don't want to play a simulation.

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cky2250; Game is already simplified. Rovers move more quickly (I think 3x speed has been mentioned), for instance. Has been clear from the beginning that this game is not hardcore sim, but rather a pseudosim, made more accessible.

For hardcore sim: Control delays based on distance between earth and mars, bad signal due to relative rotations and whatnot, even slower rovers...

Dram added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 2:15 PM

Hi, the part failure rates can be influenced by the level of quality you choose for the vehicle parts in the rover lab. The default is standard quality, and you can choose high quality or low quality as well.

Either way, we are planning on introducing difficulty levels, so this will be part of it, whether part failures can occur or not.

As for time acceleration, that will likely not be entirely possible, problem is that with such a detailed physical simulation, you cannot increase the simulation rate all that much.

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FredyC added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 3:05 PM

I cannot imagine any kind of time acceleration as there are rocks in the way and other obstacles. Having super smart autopilot would amazing, but what would be purpose of the game afterwards ? Just taking photos/samples and rest will be done automatically ?