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Unable to land rover
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I am in the campaign where I have already launched my first rover, trying to land another rover and this always happens at about this altitude.

And if you are too afraid of risky links, about 400 meters up the lander starts going upwards and does never want to stop with that.


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Launch a rover, standard or not.

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Not sure duplicate as to neither of them #27 is related to small rovers #59 seems related to excessive time taken to land. I am giving my rover all the weight I can and still it just climbs.

But I digress, would be neat with a manual override!! Risky, yes, but still

Having this exact same issue, during the campaign, on my 3rd mission. I can't land the small rover. It just starts going up at around 500m, and it keeps going up! I tried resetting the game, loaded a previous save, and tried the mission again, and I still can't get it to land.

Have the exact same problem, wonder if it is caused by windows 8 or something else. It's quite annoying i keep trying again and again and the same thing always happens

I'm running windows 7, and have this issue.

Closed as duplicate of: 0000059: Rovers will not land

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