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Science Mission ref. 7093
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Unable to finish mission after do everything with the lander. Unable to analize Sand with APXS even with the robo arm extended and after analize said everything complete but still incomplete mission.
Even I bring a small rover with APXS to try analize the terrain/SAND and cannot do it. Said not in range and after several trips around the landing place is still the same.


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I don't know if anyone else have that issue but I cant find it here. Maybe an isolated nug?

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I have had the same problem with multiple locations. I find all of them hard to get to and when I do I get the error you describe. Only way around it is to just move the lander's arm around to new spots on the ground, and if your lander has a arm head rotate that around at different angles.

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Even doing what you describe cky2250 is still impossible to complete/achive the mission goals. Looks like an generalized bug with this kind of probes.

I just solve the issue in my mission. Deleted the lander and launch other one. Seems that the problem is that if the lander doesnt land just in the designed position is unable to read/perform the analysis required.
Just save before launch a lander and if you get stuck like me just load again and try.
Trhuster problems deviate the lander fron the proper landing area facilitating that issue.

Closing this issue as it was not actually a bug.